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I cannot for the life of me imagine getting dressed up to fly. Like all dolled up in heels and a skirt trying to do the most in a cramped little space – not for me. Even when I eventually do get to fly business, I’m sure I’ll still need the comfort of my pajama’s-on-the-go to keep me sane for those hours while I float above the surface of the earth.

Travel Outfit - Sloppy Chic 1

Which brings me to my absolute favourite go to travel outfit – the jumpsuit of my dreams. It is so baggy and beautiful and casual yet put together that it really is the perfect travel outfit. It’s pants and a top in one, so I don’t have to think to hard about how to pair it. Since I always have an oversized sweater in the plane with me. I don’t need to throw something on it before the flight so paired with sandals, it really is so simple a choice.

Travel Outfit - Sloppy Chic2Travel Outfit - Sloppy Chic3

Which is why every time I travel, I have to stop myself from defaulting to it lol. This is what I wore on my flight to Rwanda here, so I very well can’t wear it again on my next trip. So I thought I’d share this as I dig through my closet to find the next pajama-vybe thing I can wear – seriously though, I was walking in town one day and this guy asked me why I was wearing a onesie 😂😂😂 

Travel Outfit - Sloppy Chic4Travel Outfit - Sloppy Chic5

I paired it with a belt for this post because I wanted to show that it transitions well into a day outfit, so you don’t have to be worried about how you’ll look once you land if you’re not as into baggy clothes as I am. The belt is pretty slim, so it’s easy to slip into your carryon and put on when you emerge on the other side.

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