Travel Outfit – Sloppy Chic

I cannot for the life of me imagine getting dressed up to fly. Like all dolled up in heels and a skirt trying to do the most in a cramped little space – not for me. Even when I eventually do get to fly business, I’m sure I’ll still need the comfort of my pajama’s-on-the-go […]

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Healthy Eating: Fish Fingers Recipe

Hey guys! So I’ve been shooting a few of my meal prep processes lately and today’s meal is the first one I really wanted to get up, so let’s get right into it 😊   Fish fingers! Breadcrumbed and all. Don’t we just love them? The restaurant I order them from let me down one […]

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Two weeks and counting .. 🌴🌴

Dubai here I come! I promised an epic travel destination, and does it really get any better than this? On 3rd October I’ll be off on a much needed vacation to Dubai and I can’t wait to bring you all with me. Currently on my youtube channel is a video talking about the top things […]

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