Beach Bumming Essentials

Ah, the beach. The current love of my life. There’s just nothing quite as good as a cool breeze and a great view, and I really can’t wait to officially be a grown up and move there :mrgreen:


For now, short visits will have to do. Here are some pictures from the time I spent there in December, frolicking around with my little sweetheart who just would not let me take pictures of her.

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Beach life  #fashionblogger #styleblog #styleblogger #styleblogging #kenyanblogger #vscocam #vscokenya #fashionblogging #travelblogging #travel
Beach life
#fashionblogger #styleblog #styleblogger #styleblogging #kenyanblogger #vscocam #vscokenya #fashionblogging #travelblogging #travel

The beach can be a blessing or a curse, depending on how prepared you are for the excursion. If you’re anything like me, you’re paranoid about getting burned or stung or eaten or something – yes, I am afraid of sharks. Fun story, I was standing right next to someone who got stung by a jelly fish, and it looked like it huuurt, so I’ve been a little afraid of the ocean since 😟 Not to mention the stories of baby sharks on the beach? I can’t 😵😵

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But that doesn’t mean I can stay away. So I like to have a little control over the whole situation by being prepared. A few things that I find to be helpful – my list of beach bumming essentials – are:

1. Sunscreen. Always.

Well, most times lol. I do tend to forget but I need to be better about that. But it’s always nice not to be burned after a day in the sun, yes? Plus it’s a good practice to have for everyday.

2. A light scarf.

The coastal area of Kenya is a Swahili region, so the culture is a lot more conservative there. So have one just to be safe, and use it as a sarong when the beach gets a little crowded. The last thing you need on your holiday is dirty looks from locals, and Swahili women can give shade like noone else.

3. Sandals.

I loove walking barefoot on the beach, but I always keep the option of sandals close by, just incase I see those white beach spiders or crabs or anything.  It should be fairly clear now by that I’m not a big fun of smaller creatures, so my shoe situation varies depending on the type of beach I’m at. That’s another reason I fell inlove with Watamu – the breeze is so much that there’s no way a crab would be able to make a home there. Your footsteps would literally be blown away right behind you

4. Shades, bikini, giant tote bag, et al.

I group these together because they’re the more subjective things on this list. I clearly didn’t have a bikini on, my giant bag was full of clothes to shoot on the beach and I went through a lot of trouble to put in my lashes so I didn’t want to cover that up with shades. It’s up to you and your needs, but if what you’re after is a chill day on the beach then I suggest also remembering a towel to lie on and a ton of snacks so you don’t have to go back and forth when you’re hungry.


Anyone else dying to be on a beach somewhere? Beach being essentials, up on the blog tonight as we talk travel #fashionblogger #styleblog #styleblogger #styleblogging #kenyanblogger #vscocam #vscokenya #fashionblogging #travelblogging #travel #tembeakenya
Anyone else dying to be on a beach somewhere?
Beach being essentials, up on the blog tonight as we talk travel
#fashionblogger #styleblog #styleblogger #styleblogging #kenyanblogger #vscocam #vscokenya #fashionblogging #travelblogging #travel #tembeakenya

I wore all black here, with a top that I like to tie in a “crop” style and black shorts that I think are pretty decent. I covered up with a brightly coloured scarf that I think brings out the whole beachy-holiday vibe, and it worked because of the dainty straps on the back of the top which I loooove 😍😍

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Wishing for a little sand between my toes Too much to ask? I think not #travelblogging #travel #tembeakenya #fashionblogger #styleblog #styleblogger #styleblogging #kenyanblogger #vscocam #vscokenya #fashionblogging #discoverwatamu #visitwatamu #kenyanskillingit
Wishing for a little sand between my toes Too much to ask? I think not
#travelblogging #travel #tembeakenya #fashionblogger #styleblog #styleblogger #styleblogging #kenyanblogger #vscocam #vscokenya #fashionblogging #discoverwatamu #visitwatamu #kenyanskillingit


As always, thanks for dropping by! 💋💋😘

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

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