Should you spend Kshs6,400 on a foundation? Estee Lauder Double Wear Tested (6W2 Nutmeg)

Hey guys! Sooooo .. guess who’s dreams came true 🙂 THIS GIRL!! I finally got my hands on the Estee Lauder double wear foundation and it is SO worth all of the youtube hype about it!


Estee Lauder was kind enough to send over this bottle so no, I did not end up spending my hard earned coin on this but now that I have seen for myself how BOMB this foundation is, I honestly think it will be my new go to. The price has changed over the past couple of years from $35 to $37 (I think) to $39.50 and now to $42, and I’m really hoping it stays put there because I am not ready to pay more than that for one ounce of foundation … I think. I hope I have enough discipline to walk away lol but I’ll probably just cut out food for a month and go for it

#flatlay of my newest playthings
Got the @esteelaudersa concealer as well and this colour is all wrong for deep skin and I haven’t played w/ it enough to have a proper review so more on that soon
@marcbeauty sent me these as an #influenster win and as much as I’m not a fan of cream lipsticks, I’m not mad at these colours
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But this particular ounce is worth ALL the hype and more. Yes, the title does say Kshs6400 ($64) because that’s the cost of buying it locally and that is SO MUCH MONEY for one bottle of foundation that I can’t even wrap my head around it, but if you do have that coin lying around then I say go for it! My full 18 hour wear test is down below so see for yourself how this foundation did not crack, did not fade, DID NOT sink into my fine lines whatsoever, and only started to look a teensy bit greasy at the 18 hour mark. Like I could have easily gone another 6 hours with it on, it felt that bullet proof.

But we do need to talk about the colour. I have it in 6w2 Nutmeg but I initially thought my shade was 6w1 Sandalwood because of Sephora IQ and its many failures, but after I went in store (thank you Lintons) I saw that Sandalwood was waaaay way too light for me.


As you can see, even swatched on my hand which is lighter than my face the colour is so obviously wrong. I swatched the closest warm colours they had samples of, which were 6w1 and 7w1 and you can see that there is a huuuge jump in the colours. 7w1 ia waaay too dark for me, so imagine my relief when I read that Estee Lauder had added colours to the original shade range!


6w2 is one of the newer colours, which may explain why it hasn’t been added to sephora’s colour IQ but even this colour looks waay too light on me, at least at initial application. It goes on straight up ashy and it is VERY neutral for a warm shade which I find disappointing but it does dry down closer to my skincolour as you’ll see in the video and afte a few minutes it looks pretty good. I don’t want to say that it oxidizes, but I do think it darkens down by about half a shade, which brings it only half a shade away from where I need it to be so it’s passable.


FIIIINNNAAALLLYYYYY!!!!! Got my hands on the @esteelaudersa Double Wear Foundation (6W2 Nutmeg) and I can’t tell you how excited I am. The bottle does feel quite small b/cz of the shape, but it’s everyone’s holygrail foundation so I’m happy to add it to my collection 😊 I only have two issues w/ this – the shade is my closest match in the line and you can see it starts out ashy AF on me but eventually blends into my skin (kind of? Not sure 🙈🙈) Issue #2 is that it has no pump so I feel like I’m wasting product because I can’t regulate how much I need to feel BEAT I have a wear test coming to youtube soon so keep an eye out for that 😊 #esteelauder #esteebeauties @esteelauder I also tested the @kevynaucoin Contour Book II and the eyeshadows are bomb 👌👌 Not the biggest fan of the look I created here but the one in the youtube video is A++ And those highlighters?!?!? Both cream and power are fantastic! The contours don’t show up on dark skin AT ALL but I think this palette is worth getting JUST for them highlighters. #auCOiNTOUR #keyvnaucoin @sephora I also used my @michaeltoddbeauty #sonicblend brush and it works so well! I will be comparing it to the other mechanical brush I own on youtube soon so keep an eye out for that as well 😊 Other products used: @thebodyshopsouthafrica darkening drops @blackopalbeauty finishing powder @maybelline khol & mascara #maybellinekenya @colourpopcosmetics ultra matte liquid lipstick

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But other than that I love this foundation. The mar of a good product to me is one that doesn’t need any help, not powder or primer for it to work and this is just that foundation. You will pay the high price for this, but you won’t need to invest even more money on other products to help it last all day and look flawless. I was holding this up to the wedding day makeup standards people have set for it and it definitely lived up to the hype. Even feeling a little self-conscious about the shade, I will wear this because I can trust it to see me through the day and be flawless at the end of it.


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