FENTY BEAUTY | Trophy Wife DUPES(!!!) Plus how to find your foundation shade online!

Hey guys!


So unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know Rihanna launched her makeup line and totally KILLED IT!! Can you say 40 shades of foundation?!?!? ย Ofcourse I’m picking one up, but luckily I found not one but two dupes of the Trophy Wife highlighter so I can just go ahead and remove that from my cart


I also wanted to touch on how I’ve found what I believe to be my perfectย Pro Filtrย Foundation shade online. If you’re like me and Fenty Beauty isn’t sold anywhere near you, online shopping becomes an art that you really can’t afford to get wrong because returns are waaay too expensive to bother with. So here’s how I match my foundation – watch a shit load of reviews on the shade you think may match you from online swatches. And I mean a SHIT LOAD. ย Like not just one or two. Make for damn sure they are shot in good lighting, and that once you settle on a shade, you watch ten more reviews on how it applies on other people just to be sure. Here’s an example of exactly why that’s important:

Sephora Colour IQ matched me to 420. This is 420 in action.

You’ll see that a. She’s hella lighter than me and b. It almost looks ashy on her. Thank God it dries darker or she’d be ghost faced, for real. From her thumbnail you’d think we’re the same shade but filters, friend. They be deceiving.

So the solution is to o 430 right? Mind you I already matched myself to 450, then watched reviews and saw that it was waaaaay too dark for me so we’re working from lightest possibility to darkest.

Thelovely Kitaan is wearin the shade 430, and she looks waay lighter than me right? But my research has shon that 440 will be too dark on me, so what yo do. Go lighter and hope it dries dark enough to match me, or go dark and have it match my face but be nowhere close to my body. Decision decisions. Then I saw this:

She is ALSO wearing 430 and look at how well it matches her skin! And she’s a lot darker than Kitaan, more of an almost exact match to me and LOOOOOOOK at how good the shade looks on her! So basically 100 youtube videos later, I have my answer lol. 430 it is.

Do check out their channels and show them some love, and if you haven’t subscribed to my channel WTH are you waiting for ย ๐Ÿ™‚ Let me know what you think below, and as always thank you for reading!

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