Oily Skin Foundation Routine ft Coty Airspun

So I think it’s time I got my busy bum back here, yes? So many plans for this blog, so little time. I thought I’d make my comeback with what I’ve been building up to on instagram – ย cross postings!

โ–ช 3/3 โ–ช Last installment from this serie. They eyeshadow was a couple of posts before this one, and today's beginner demo is all about my oily skin foundation routine. To prevent a total meltdown throughout the day, follow along with the video and I guarantee your foundation will hold up through the oiliest of days. Use a mattifying primer, powder your face, spray down with setting spray, layer on your matter foundation, bake, powder all over and spray down again. Lots of steps but I guarantee a flawless finish that won't let oils through for hours. #MOTD Face: @blackup primer Coty Airspun Powder @elfcosmetics Illuminating Mist & Set @blackopalbeauty True Colour Foundation in Beautiful Bronze #makeupblogger #video

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I did try to go into as many details as I could on instagram, but what better place to touch on this topic for all of you who haven’t subscribed to my youtube channel yet (.. ahem. Awkward.) But this is a pretty complete demonstration of my version of an oily skinned foundation routine. Keep in mind that I do have dry skin, so this is purely theoretical. It’s basically what makes my less than stellar foundations have a fighting chance on my skin, but it should totally help keep oily skin matte for a majority of the day. Start with moisturised skin, because no words can express how crucial moisture is to the skin, even when yours is super oily by nature. Then use a mattifying primer, then POWDER on top of primer – yes, before foundation. This gives the foundation a super matte base to adhere to, so when you do put it on (next step) you’re already ahead of the game. Powder once more and use setting spray to really melt the powder into your skin and you’re golden

Try it out, let m know if it works for you ๐Ÿ™‚ Also check out the review I did on Coty Airspun below!


Thank you as always fro dropping by!


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