Foundation Wear Test: Makeup Forever Ultra HD Y505 Cognac

HOW I TEST – no primer, powder, setting spray or blotting. The foundation is the only product on my face, along with a liquid or cream highlight, contour and blush. This is so the foundation either holds up or fails on its own merit.


So I’m doing this new series on my youtube channel where I test out products all day and record how well they do, so that when I review them for you guys I actually know what I’m talking about lol. Different products work differently on different skin types, so it by no means says that if a product sucked on me it will also suck on you – it just means that the specific product did not work out for me and if we have similar skin types, you should probably stay awaay.

Disclaimer said, I tested out a new foundation that I really loved at first – then grew to hate bu end of day. That’s the Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation in the shade Y505 Cognac.

You can watch my road to disappointment above, but in a nutshell here’s how the day went – at first, it looked flawless. The Ultra HD is made for filming, and on camera my skin looked gret. All imperfections were gone, it looked very natural and dewy enough to look healthy without looking like an oil slick, and all in all I had high hopes. Then a couple of hours passed and it all hit the fan. I looked oily despite being indoors all day under cool temperatures, and about 5 hours in the foundation started breaking up around my mouth till it completely disappeared.

As you can imagine, I was pretty surprised. How can a $43 foundation suck this much? Yes, under ordinary circumstances I would have primed, set it with a powder, used a setting spray and made it through a day without a complaint. But those things cost money and dif I’m to spend $43 on this foundation, I don’t expect it to need this much help.

Verdict? 2/5 in my books. It does poorly for the price and there are far better cheaper alternatives available. Check out my Foundation Finds Playlist here if you want to know what options are out there 🙂 Thanks for dropping by!

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  1. It’s such a shame about the HD makeup forever as I wanted to by one due to the reviews. I guess will have to look at alternatives. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I have tried it so many ways, with powder and setting spray and still it breaks down after a couple of hours. It depends on your skin type though, so make sure we have the same skin type before you write it off completely because I know for some people it works great. I have combo dry skin btw

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