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I warned you before that I’m on that lipstick train, so don’t act surprised that this isΒ another one. Teehee πŸ™‚

Brown Liquid Lipsticks #WOC Friendly1

Today’s post is really a rant. I got so irrationally emotional the other day when I suddenly had the “revelation” that Colourpop’s Embellish might actually be the darkest brown currently on the market, or at least the darkest one available from the brands I’m interested in shopping from. I worked myself up into a frenzy getting on the wensite and trying to talk myself out of talking myself out getting it, because I actually have a box full of liquid lippies on the way and the last thing I need is another one yes?


Wrong, So wrong. By the way, this was on the heels of me choosing to NOT spend $20 on LimeCtime’s Salem becuase I don’t have room in my life for those kinds of lipstick bills. So here’s my rationale – it’s darker than True Brown K (Kylie Lipkit) If it can save me from having to spend between $17 and $29 and all I’d have to do is spend $6, then why the heck not?!??!! Brown Liquid Lipsticks #WOC Friendly2 Because it’s been discontinued, that’s why not. DISCONTINUED, right as I think I’ve found the perfect dark shade for me from a brand I already know and love.

Doesn't it look so dark and lovely?
Doesn’t it look so dark and lovely?

I’ve never been into brown, always thought it washed out my face until I did a recent lip swatch video and realized that when my complexion is even it looks pretty damn nice. Plus I got to try a friend’s Kat Von D in Exorsism (or wass it Damned?) and I was surprised at how much I actually liked it.

Weekend vibes πŸ‘‘ Shades: @polarized_visions 😍😍 Lips: @katvondbeauty

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But no, it wasn’t meant to be. Considering I did make my purchase when Embellish was on the site and actuallyΒ discounted, I guess I really do have Β noone to blame but myself. It’s called finsing your legs poeple, and moments like these make me realize I’m still fluttering about in the beauty world trying to figure out what the hell it is I like. So this was a miss for me, and now I’m stuck looking into other colours that I know won’t be as dark as Embellish but oh well. Gives me a good excuse to reconsider that True Brown K, am-I-right?Β Pocket laughs nervously lol. So here are the options, from the more popular brands and as I see them:

Brown Liquid Lipsticks #WOC Friendly5 Brown Liquid Lipsticks #WOC Friendly6
Brown Liquid Lipsticks #WOC Friendly7
Thank God I have LAX on it’s way so I can relax a little, for now. But these are the darkest browns I’ve found so far but the price tag on most does not inspire me to pull out my wallet just yet. If that changes, I’ll keep you posted πŸ™‚




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