Liquid Lipsticks Ranked

🎼First came contour, then came foundations, then came lipsticks and an unhealthy obsession🎼🎼 Liquid lipsticks are my new love, so naturally I’m moving heaven and earth (read: watching waaay too much youtube) trying to figure out which ones are actually worth spending my money on. Every single youtuber has their own ranking of good to bad and it’s SOOOO confusing, because they each have such different experiences with the products that their feelings are valid, contrasting as they may be. Please tell me I’m not the only one annoyed by this?

So I’m on a mission to create my own liquid lip ranking – to test out as many as I can get my hands on strictly for educational purposes. These are the days I love being a youtuber – it’s the perfect excuse to forgo food buy a ton  of makeup. I’m slowing down a little this year because last year I went a little nuts, but so far in my collection I have:

    1. Colourpop Ultra Mattes, Satins & Lippie Stix


  • Kat Von D



  • Stilaaaaaaa!!! (very high hopes for this one)



  • (ahem) Lime Crime – technically mine but weeks away from actually being in my hands.



The collections that I want, both high and low ranked to test:

    1. Sephora Lip Stains


  • Anastasia Beverly Hills



  • Dose of Colours



  • NXY Lingerie



  • Smashbox



  • Kylie Lipkit



  • Hudah Beauty



  •   Jeffree Star Velour



  •   I’m just gonna stop here, you get the point.




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I also have a ton of knockoff that I will be testing in the next couple of weeks on my channel because I went a little ham on those as well, and wound up finding a Kylie Leo dupe for like $2 (200kshs) that’s literally rivalling my genuine lipsticks, so I’m super pumped about that. My real Kylie Lipkit dreams will have to wait a little longer as I try to decide what colours are actually worth the spend, because from my research so far, Mary Jo K is nowhere near as pigmented as I need it to be and Kourt K is a patchy mess, so that just leaves True Brown K and I’m not sold on paying that under $40 shipping price so I might just have to wait for new colours. Oh well, I guess I have enough to keep myself busy for a couple of months lol.

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