Colourpop Matte, Satins & Lippie Stix Swatched on Dark Skin

Don’t you just HATE it when you buy a lipstick thinking it will look one way, only to have it look a completely different colour on you? Why does this happen, all you who are new to makeup may ask? Because cosmetics companies fail to adequately cater to people of colour. Its a fact. Even the more popular companies come out with 12 light skinned foundation shades and a couple of dark ones, which really gets under my skin. So I’ve decided to swatch anything and everything that I can get my hands on so anyone with my skin tone can actually see what the product may actually look like on them. I’m not the darkest in the bunch, so when companies like Loreal create products where their darkest foundation is my perfect match (Loreal pro glow review coming soon), it actually makes me really sad because there are so many beautiful melanine girls being left out.

Enough wallowing, here is my contribution to the makeup world that will be part 1 of 2 Colourpop swatches. I have another bunch on the way so keep an eye out for those too 😊 And I do hope you find what you’re looking for. In order of appearance, the colours I own so far are:

Ultra Satins:

  1. Frick n Frack
  2. Toolips
  3. Prim
  4. Lost


  1. LAX


  1. WET


frick n frack colourpop dark skin toolips colourpop ULTRA SATIN dark skinprim colourpop ULTRA SATIN dark skinLOST colourpop ULTRA SATIN dark skinLAX colourpop ULTRA MATTE dark skinWET colourpop LIPPIE STIX dark skinnevermind colourpop LIPPIE STIX dark skinBULLCHIC colourpop LIPPIE STIX dark skin

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