Valentines Day Makeup – whether you love it or leave it

I’ve never been one to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and this year is no different. No, this isn’t about to turn into a storytime so I’m not getting into details with you. Today’s post is one for those who do love the love day, and those who, like me, choose to leave it be.


Β  This is the first year where the day has come around that I’m on youtube, so ofcourse I had to take advantage of the chance to post something. I created two looks for it – a pro-valentine’s look and an anti-valentine’s look to cater to one and all. Ofcourse, the anti-v day look is a total favourite but I die for the palettes I used to create both so I really could take either one. Β 


I do have video reviews on one of these palettes so far, The Saharan by Juvia’s Place on youtube and the Nubian 2 Palette by Juvia’s Place is coming up real soon. Above is the Saharan with my happy go lucky valentine look, and below is the Nubian 2 Palette with my darker, grungier look that I’m so inlove with.


Β  I looove the way they both turned out, so much so that I went ahead and filmed a THIRD look – one where my face is beat entirely with locally available products.


This last one will be up on youtube sometime next week, just because I don’t think it’s exclusively a valentines day thing plus I just shot a video on the new Laura Mercier powder that I’m dying to get out lol. Scatterbrained, I know but this is how I work. So keep an eye out for that and so much Β more on my channel by S U B S C R I B I N G!!!!! I’ve hit 157 subs right now and I can’t put into words how excited that makes me. Ofcourse if you have any questions, inbox me as many of you already have but also let me know if there are products you’d like me to review so I can prioritize those. As always thank you for dropping by. πŸ‘„πŸ‘„πŸ‘„

valentines day makeup

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