Kylie Lipkit Love Bite Dupes

So here’s the thing. My mind works at about a thousand miles a second, so settling down to pick just one thing to talk to ya’ll about is a bit of a challenge. So I’ve decided that I’ll throw posting schedules to the wind and get content up in the NOW. This means that instead of trying to schedule which interests you guys get to hear about first, I’m just going to go with whatever has me peaked at the moment. Okay? Okay. Let’s do this.

This video has given me SO MUCH LIFEEEEEEE today! I can’t put into words how lovely the full makeup reveal is. When this girl is laying down her highlight and her lip colour comes through, I swear I squealed. Seriously. So I obviously decided that my sould would just die if I didn’t get that colour in my life ASAP. Yes, this all started a couple of hours ago but I’ve learnt how to manage my shoppaholic tendencies because a girl’s gotta eat lol. So here’s how I came down from my high:

kylie lipkit

This is the lipkit yes? Kylie’s in Love Bite that looks so damn good on this girl. So I hopped on her website, because I found out that she started selling some of her lipkit colours as singles. So I tried to find the $17 Love Bite because any chance to save money is a chance I’m about to jump on. But no luck, no single. Then it hit me – the girl in the video, gorgeous as she is, is hella lighter than I am. And I’ve been burned by that before, where a colour looks so damn good on someone on youtube that I buy it and instantly realize what foolishness I’ve engaged in when it gets to me. I’m looking at you Frick n Frack.

frick n frack colourpop dark skin

So I decided to see what it looks like on dark skin. One quick google search later and it hit me – Colourpop MUST have a dupe of this colour! There’s no way I’m about to spend $30 of my hard earned money when I can spend $6 and be done with it. Minus shipping. And lo and behold Colourpop does have a dupe … or four. Lol. So my pocket can rest a little easier right? This time, it can actually stay completely shut because guess what … I already have the dupe. At least, the dupe of the dupe LOL.

Dupe that is the BEST place for finding dupes btw, but I find it easier to curate from a google search than their website.
“Dupe That” is the BEST place for finding dupes btw, but I find it easier to curate from a google search than their website.

Teeny Tiny is the oldest Colourpop dupe for Love Bite. It’s in their matte formular, exactly like Kylie’s. And guess what the Satin formular dupe for Teeny Tiny is? TOOLIPS!!!

It may not be too clear but you can see what I mean. Toolips is just a slightly darker shade of Love Bite, which is the satin version of Teeny Tiny.

toolips colourpop dark skin

… and it looks nothing close to a mauvy purple on me like it does on the girl. NOTHING. So another makeup regret dodged, and I am relieved to save some coin. Sad, but relieved. Happy though because this experience has made me revisit Toolips and find ways to really make the purple in it pop, so you will be seeing it a little more on my social media.

I did use it one time in this video and I almost didn’t put it up because I felt like my lips looked naked lol. Truer to the original colour, but naked all the same and that just didn’t do anything for me. The day I get over my  obsession with dark colours is the day this colour gets to shine I guess. Anwyay thank you so much for dealing with my rant, and if you got this far into it you are a champ! See you in my next post ☺☺

BTW, I do think Nevermind comes a little closer to what I was hoping for with Toolips.

nevermind colourpop dark skin


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