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Hey guys! Today’s post is one from the archives … from waaay back when. I literally think I visited this place in 2015, but I never did get around to reviewing the restaurant so here we are ☺

ocean basket restaurant review

Ocean Basket is a quaint restaurant located at the Oval in westlands, Nairobi. It’s the first place most of us think of when we talk about seafood, and since I’d never actually tried any (been taking a hard pass at raw fish for yeeears lol), I was pretty curious to give it a shot.

ocean basket restaurant review

I went there with my lovely friend Nelise and we kinda went ham on the menu lol. It was a while back so please correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that the food infront of her is the Pick of the Ocean platter consisting of 6 Prince Prawns, Catch of the Day & Calamari at Kshs1980. We both ordered one of “their famous platters” as they call them, and we were not disappointed by either the presentation of the meal of its utter deliciousness.

Closer look at the Pick of the Ocean (Kshs1980) 6 Prince Prawns, Catch of the Day & Calamari
                                             Closer look at the Pick of the Ocean (Kshs1980) 6 Prince Prawns, Catch of the Day & Calamari

I decided to be a bit more adventurous and go for something completely out of my comfort zone – the Platter for One (Kshs2200) made up of 3 Mussels, 6 Prince Prawns, Catch of the Day, Calamari & Calamari Heads. Because if you’re venturing into ocean treats why not go all in?

ocean basket restaurant review (11)

I honestly did enjoy my meal. The mussels were soft and gooey, which made it a little hard to imagine just slurping them into my mouth but they did taste great when they eventually got there lol. The calamari had me thinking about onion rings so they were an instant hit. My side dish was butternut squash – another first – and I’ve been inlove with butternut ever since. The calamari heads were crunchy, the catch of the day fresh and the praws, though a challenge to work around, were eventually consumed and enjoyed.

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The whole meal was great, and in that moment I thought I’d been converted into a total lover of sea fish. The ambience had me all caught up, because the restaurant itself is beautiful. We sat outdoors on a lovely sunny day and ate under their blue covering that kinda tripped me up at first lol. Unfortunately the place was packed – as apparently it always is – so I couldn’t take any pictures of the place without making the diners uncomfortable, so I chose not to.

ocean basket restaurant review (5)

This is what their menu looked like, and it can be found online here. Their presentation was fantastic, with the gigantic paper menu adding the finishing touch to this roustic-esque environment. They had a chalk board inside where they write the day’s specials, and a sitting bar where you can hang out as you wait for a table. The staff is very friendly and really helpful when picking out your meals, which was god-send to first timers like my friend and I.

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Bottom line – do i recommend it? 100% yes, I do. Its an experience in itself and as you saw, the food may be a little pricey but the amount they give you is well worth it. I had no idea half the stuff on my plate was coming lol, and I enjoyed at least a taste of everything. My only word of caution would be that the food will likely be too much to finish in one sitting – unless I’m the only one here ho eats like a bird lol – so you will need to carry a to go bag, which I did. But once I got home, the thought of mussels made my skin crawl and it ended up at the back of my freezer, never to be eaten. In the moment, at the restaurant, you will be brave and eat the calamari heads even as you wonder if they’re staring back at you. You’ll slurp away at the mussles and dig right into the prawns – and enjoy it too. But you won’t be a total convert to the seafood way of life, and unless you really do have balls of steel you probably won’t be able to summon up the courage to eat it once home, So try to get it all done in the restaurant, yes?


As always, thanks for dropping by 😘😘

ocean basket restaurant review (12)


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