Cream contour with Anastasia Beverly Hills (Deep)

Hey guys! I know it’s been a while so Happy New Year!

anastasia beverly hills contour dark skin deep

I thought I’d get back into the swing of things with a new post every single day for the next seven days just to show you guys how much I love y’all. So I wanted to begin with one that I absolutely looove, one which seems surprisingly popular on social media. Cream contouring, with my holiest grail of all holy grail contour kits.


I shot this waaaay back when I was in Dubai – that story coming soon, I promise! and I absolutely love this kit. I’vs had it for almost three months now so I feel like I can give a full review of it, unlike the super quick demo I posted a while back.

The Anastasia Cream Contour kit comes in four shades – fair, light, medium and deep. I got deep because I wanted to be able to create really dramatic contours, but you can also get away with medium if you’re my shade and ofcourse the lighter ones depending on your shade.

anastasia beverly hills contour dark skin deep

You probably can’t tell from this picture but the shades in the deep palette are super diverse. They range from Nude, the lightest shade in the palette which on its own looks super ashy on me, to carob which is the BEST contour shade ever – not too warm, not too cool or cool at all to be honest lol.

anastasia beverly hills contour dark skin deep

This video was my first attempt at cream contouring and I got a little carried away and used Nude all on its lonesome, which is why it looks like there’s a white streak across my cheek lol. Now that I know better, I use Coral (the middle highlight shade) mixed with nude to give a super highlighted look without being too exaggerated.

anastasia beverly hills contour dark skin deep
See how cut my contour is? ABH baby!

I still use Carob to contour though, and I love it because the tiniest amount gets a really defined cut contour that gives me so much life. I go in with a sponge  because brushes and cream still don’t make sense to me. That’s more user error though, I just find it so much easier to apply with my Sephora precision sponge because it blends the product every time it touches my face, unlike a brush which lays the product down and then has to be worked in. I also use a damp sponge, but I am noticing that the ABH palette has began to get dry to a point where even the dampness isn’t helping make the application super easy anymore.

anastasia beverly hills contour dark skin deep

So that’s my one con with this palette – the creams do get quite dry after a while, but I’ve heard people use a drop of oil in them and its good to go so I just might test that out soon and update you. But yes! This was the final result and I’m still loving this palette. I just ordered some highlight and contour powders from ABH so I’ll let you know how the creams compare to them.

Thank you so much for dropping by, and I promise that I’m actually back so there’s a ton of catching up for us to do 😘 Starting with the fact that I now have a YOUTUBE LINK!!!! I’m sooo so excited about this because it makes it so much easier to find my channel! It’s so be sure to drop by and subscribe 😉




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