Catching Up

Have you ever had so much to say that you just didn’t say anything at all? That’s my current frame of mind. I have so many amazing things I want to share with you guys but i have no idea where to begin! I know I’ve been a stranger here lately but I promise you it’s with good reason.

The highlights?

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Youtube’s been updated pretty frequently and I’m pretty happy about that. It’s 3am as I write this in the middle of editing my second video for the week and I couldn’t be happier lol. Be sure to check out the vlog section of this blog for a roundup on what’s been going up ☺

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Travel. Yes, I went and came back, and haven’t really said a word about it. There’s a lot to talk about, and I need to be in the right frame of mind to give you all the tea. The whole experience was a little mindblowing to be honest, but I did come right back to exams and a ton of work so I just need to find my feet Β before I can begin.

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Makeup. Yes, this has earned its own category in my life. I’m currently obsessed with foundations, because apparently your soul can start randomly craving inanimate objects and just refuse to be satisfied. Which is terrible for my pocket, but great for you guys because I’m currently in the middle of shipping a sh*tton of products to review and I cannot wait for them to get here! That’s all I’ll say for now, you know, chickens before they hatch and all.

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There is an order to which the updates will come, and I will be back for real pretty soon. I just wanted to drop by and say hi and thank you for continuing to check in even in my hiatus 😘😘 You guys rock.


PS:// Two halloween looks are going to be up on my youtube by end of day (Golden Khaleesi already, Green Eyed Monster loading …) so do drop by and let me know what you think!☺)


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