Healthy Eating: Fish Fingers Recipe

Hey guys! So I’ve been shooting a few of my meal prep processes lately and today’s meal is the first one I really wanted to get up, so let’s get right into it 😊

crystal olisa fish fingers recipe  2


Fish fingers! Breadcrumbed and all. Don’t we just love them? The restaurant I order them from let me down one too many times, so I decided to start making these for myself and I love how they turn out more each time.

crystal olisa fish fingers recipe 3


I got this piece of fish from City Market in Nairobi for just under Ksh300 ($3), for anyone wondering. IΒ spiced both sides of the fish sides with my favourite spices (salt, black pepper, chicken masala, coriander, thyme) and sliced them into relatively thick pieces.

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I like it when my fingers have a ton of meat in them, Β so I don’t make them too thin.

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Then I set up my dipping stations – milk and eggs, with onion and green pepper to add a bit of dimension to it, as well as the spices. I had some all purpose flour next to that, and finally breadcrumbs mixed in with the same spices. Yes, I’m obsessed with spice lol.

crystal olisa fish fingers recipe 7


So the order of dipping – super important. The fish goes into the egg/milk first, to wet it. Then it goes to the flour, to coat it and give it bulk when it cooks. It then goes back to the milk/egg mixture to wet it again before ending up in the b spiced breadcrumbs. Then we cook it, and voila!

crystal olisa fish fingers recipe 8


The final result! Yes, it does taste as yummy as it looks. I wanted to show how much more it seems to be than what we started with, because of the flour. It ass so much body to it that it makes it easy to stretch the meal, which is perfect ifΒ you’re like me and want to make a whole bunch of it to freeze and eat as a snack though the week. I just drop these in my freezer and throw them in the oven when I need a quick snack 😊

crystal olisa fish fingers recipe  9


Hope that was a helpful recipe lol. I’d you need more clarification, let me know in the comments below. Β Also let me know if you try it – I’d love to see your results! Thanks for dropping by πŸ˜™

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