How to hack a crop top – flat tummy illusion

We’ve all had them – those days when your stomach just won’t cooperate but you’re determined to show your youth in a cropped number. Today’s post is a practical demonstration on how I get around this little problem – and how you can too 😊

How to hack a crop top - flat tummy illusion1

In a nut shell, raise the waistline – the higher, the better. The flatter your tummy will appear to be, no matter how “fluffy” you are underneath so long as your lower body material is stiff enough to suck you in (think pencil skirt).

How to hack a crop top - flat tummy illusion2

Today’s outfit is a super light top worn before hereΒ that I looove because of the cross strap detail down the back, and a skirt that used to be a dressΒ that is a story for another day that I love for its panelled sheer goodness.

How to hack a crop top - flat tummy illusion3

The waistline can’t get too high because the shape of the skirt won’t allow me to tighten the wait too much, so I let is hang just under my belly button so it would effectively – I hope πŸ˜† –Β hide any fat that may try to peek through.

How to hack a crop top - flat tummy illusion4

Raising the skirt from the natural waistline to the higher part gives the illusion of having an abdomen that’s relatively even, because belly fat gathers around the lower abdomen leaving that upper part looking flat. So raising the waistline gives the illusion of a continuation of the shape from the tip to the bottom, even as you hips curve out.

How to hack a crop top - flat tummy illusion5

Obviously the goal is to actually have a flat stomach, but as we work our way to that goal, this is one of the many hacks we can use to still look totally fab 😊 Let me know if you have any others in the comments down below πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ Thanks for reading! πŸ’‹


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    1. Lol technically neither do mine, but what I do is eat all my unhealthy stuff in the morning so I can burn off the fat. So fries for breakfast 😊

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