Slip on


Hello 😊

Guess who’s back from her trip to no man’s land! Yes it’s been a while but with good reason – I haven’t been feeling well. Like legit sick. Thought it was the end people, and it turns out I’ve just been forgetting to regularly feed myself * face palm* So 20 hrs of sleep per day for a week straight (don’t we just love the holidays?) and I’m feeling somewhat alive again.


So today it’s all about the fashion people. And this gorg slip on knit dress that has literally become my favourite go to for a quick trip out of the house.


The shoes add an amazing level of comfort to the whole outfit, and I totally recommend this pairing. The leather trim on the dress compliments the shoes quite nicely, and it’s short enough to show just the right amount of leg so I’m a happy camper 😉



Thanks for dropping by 😊😘 A staycation post is next so keep an eye out for that 😊

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  1. Beautiful pics! You look gorgeous in the dress and shoes. You must NEVER forget to eat. It’s necessary to live otherwise your immunity weakens and you expose yourself to all manner of attacks. A word is enough for the wise!

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